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Robert Berchtold photographs food with the same creativity and enthusiasm as an award-winning chef creating a culinary masterpiece. In his photos, you can hear the exciting sizzle of a hot plate of zesty fajitas. The rich and enticing aroma of a relaxing cup of coffee will reach out to you from the printed page. You'll feel the anticipation inherent in an exquisitely romantic dinner for two complete with softly scented candles and the sparkle of crystal.

Robert has been satisfying clients from local restaurants to national chains with his attention to mood and care of presentation. He specializes in advertising, editorial and stock photography for the food industry and beyond. You will find his work perfect for cookbooks as well as promotions.

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Summer Seafood Sensation / Artful Japanese Repast / Old World Italian Traditions
Colorful Mexican Creations / Carefully Crafted Hero

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